Pink Shimmer Lipstick

3 Shimmer Lipsticks in Shades of Pink

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Loreal Color Riche Lipstick – Intense Fuchsia

The shade is a very intense like it says, bright pink one meant for brown skin tones! The shade unless swatched, the shimmer is not revealed, when you swatch you see oodles of silver shimmer melting in with the creamy lipstick on your lips.This is the moment when you decide whether you like the lipstick or not.


Lakme Nine To Five Lipstick- Sun Shimmer

My mother loves to just swipe this lipstick a few times and rush off. It’s orangey toned, certainly brightens up her complexion.


MAC Milan Mode Lipstick

Color : magenta pink with bright pink and silver shimmers. The shimmers are not in-the-face kinds. They look very sophisticated. Finish : Lustre. Sheer ,glossy and buildable. But it does not become completely opaque.
Texture : goes on smooth. I find shimmers to be slightly gritty but not uncomfortably gritty. A bit moisturizing.


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