Top 3 Beauty Tips That Will Make You Look Your Best

More than a great outfit or a stylish hairstyle, gorgeous, fabulous-looking makeup can turn heads. Whether you like to keep it simple, or give your look an intense, feline appearance, there are endless possibilities for applying makeup. The good news is that you do not have to be a professional makeup artist to get the best results.

Read on to find our best makeup tips – adapted to 2015’s changing makeup trends!

applying makeup1. Be Careful at the Placement of Highlights

One of the trickiest makeup tricks many women struggle with is the placement of highlights. To achieve a naturally-beautiful look, you should apply highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes, on the middle of the upper lid, and just under the brow bone. Choose the lightest color you have on hand, and apply the highlighter before you move on to darker shades. We suggest that you apply highlighter using a fine brush to ensure even distribution, and avoid using more product than needed.


2. Apply Foundation and Powder in Downward Strokes

Although you would normally apply your moisturizer in upward strokes, this is not the case for foundation and powder, which should be applied in downward strokes. Most of us have a little bit of face hair that tends to become more visible if you apply the foundation or powder in upward strokes, as the hair grows downwards. By applying the makeup in downward strokes, you will smooth your complexion and also increase foundation coverage. Have a travel makeup brush in your handbag for the moments when you need to re-apply foundation. They are finer, and also help distribute product more evenly than your average brush. On top of that, they will be just great to keep on hand when you are traveling.

white pencil makeup3. Get a Fresh Look with White Pencil

While applying highlighter is necessary to opening up your face, lining your eyes with a white pencil will help make them appear bigger, and also get a fresh look. This trick is recommended especially if your eyes are naturally smaller, or if you have slept very little last night, as you will look fresh and youthful regardless.



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